凯时体育App下载是一个 leading pulp, packaging and paper company with a 愿景 为了下个世纪的繁荣. 凯时体育App下载是 投资 in people and capital that are transforming our business. 凯时体育App下载每个工厂都有一个 丰富的传统 制造优质产品的关键, delivering excellent customer solutions, and serving as a beacon of industry for our respective communities. 


凯时体育App下载是一个 转换公司. 凯时体育App下载正在改进凯时体育App下载的产品, innovating our approach to sustainability, 投资于凯时体育App下载的员工, and committing to growing our company and our communities. 凯时体育App下载是n’t “satisfied” with the status quo. 凯时体育App下载有一个成长的愿景, sustainable and leading company for the next 100-years according to a set of parameters that we define—not a set of expectations that define us. 凯时体育App下载知道这需要努力工作, 协作, and an unparalleled dedication to innovate and succeed.


It also requires people willing to go the extra mile, to dial up their efforts that extra degree — people that refuse to settle for acceptable when they know they can achieve great things.


We define success by more than just a growing bottom line. At 和纸, we know that our greatest resource is our people. Every day, our employees demonstrate what it means to be successful operators and professionals. This level of performance does not happen by accident; instead, 凯时体育App下载认为是钥匙的拥有者 成功的属性:


We tackle each task with determination, 激情和创造力, demonstrating the willingness to put in whatever effort is required to successfully complete the job at hand.


We strive to consistently exceed expectations in our day-to-day work and outperform our competitors in the marketplace, regarding professional and company achievements as a collaborative goal with the desire to go above and beyond.


We treat the company and teammates with upmost respect, operating on strong moral codes to drive company values and culture.


凯时体育App下载每天都高速前进, 敏捷性, and flexibility to capture unrealized opportunities and avoid potential risks for the business.


凯时体育App下载就像主人一样, 挑战现状, 提出正确的问题, and actively seeking ways to innovate and improve.


We must be fluid with 和纸’s continuous evolution while driving change in a fast-paced environment, equipped with the ability to acclimate quickly.


We set an example by implementing the 和纸 Way through meaningful leadership with heart, 同理心, 远见和管理.

Ready to explore your career opportunities with 和纸?


凯时体育App下载最大的资产是凯时体育App下载的员工. From our experienced papermakers with invaluable industry knowledge to our up and coming employees who are our next generation of innovative leaders, 凯时体育App下载雇佣了一些最聪明的人, most dedicated professionals in the business. 

To be successful requires skilled employees in every area of our organization–leadership, 操作, 环境, 设计, IT, HR, 金融. 

Below are just a few of our rising stars who impact every area of our company.


Sam is 2013 University of Maine Graduate. He was hired in 2021 because he is a skilled engineer and papermaker, as well as an innovative and collaborative leader. Sam is on the forefront of our transformation, helping us transition to the 包装及牛皮纸市场.


Rumford Di愿景, R10 Paper Machine Superintendent
Lucas is a 2018 University of Maine Graduate. 他于2020年被聘为老. Process Engineer to help our machine rebuilds and product 谈话. Because of his dedication, hard work and new ideas, Lucas was soon promoted to a leadership position at the mill.

杰米·圣. 皮埃尔

Ph值.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine, Jamie joined 和纸 in 2018 as a Production Engineer at our Rumford Di愿景. Her passion for and unique knowledge in energy usage and reliability has been instrumental in our sustainability efforts. Because of her relentless work ethic and ability to help us adapt and transform, 杰米被提升为能源经理, overseeing both our Rumford and Old Town mills.


Fairmont Di愿景, Maintenance Planner
Ericka started her career very early at the Fairmont Di愿景. She attended the Youth Program at the Mill with her dad, who also works at the mill. A proud 2016 Fairmont State University graduate, Ericka是一个善于合作的人, dedicated professional who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make herself, 她的队友, the mill and our company better every day.


A 2002 UW-Stevens Point Graduate, Caleb was hired in 2020 as Operation Manager at our Biron Di愿景. 从一开始, 他的天赋, knowledge and passion for the paper industry made an immediate impact. 特点, along with his natural leadership and 协作 instincts, and ability to meet challenges head on, made him the perfect individual to become the mill GM in 2021. No one here is surprised that Caleb became the youngest GM in company history.


Dan was actually hired in 2020 as CO-OP/Intern at our Biron Di愿景. 从第一天开始, 在多个领域学习并表现出色, 有助于提高纤维质量, enhanced process improvement and calibrations, 锁定标签的程序. Because of his immense desire to learn more about the industry and our business, he joined our packaging 操作s in Sturtevant, WI to help develop and commercialize product. Dan is also busy as a student at UW-Stevens Point, set to graduate in 2022. He's majoring in Paper Science and Engineering as well as Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry.